Tweet Tone Experiment

This is an experiment to gather data about what emotional intent we read into a tweet. Does a tweet sound angry? Is the tweeter frustrated or expressing contempt?

The reason for gathering the data is to create a 'training data set' data that can be used to programmatically analyse a much bigger collection of tweets.

Privacy: The only data collected and stored are the responses to the form. We do not track any user data such as IP addresses. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.


Below are five tweets randomly selected from a sample of 1000 tweets from various UK news orgnaisation. They are a mix of national and regional, online and 'traditional' organisations.

Read the tweet and then select the word that you think best describes the emotion reflected in the tweet. This shouldn't be your emotional reaction to the tweet

Once you've assessed the five tweets please press submit.

If you would like guidence on the keywords used, you can select the Help tab to see more descriptors associated with the emotion.

If you'd like more details of the experiment then feel free to mail me at

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