Learning how to be a journalist is what the Department is all about. It’s why most of our students come to Preston. So it is essential they are given the right facilities to learn both the technical skills and, equally importantly, how to harness the technology to conduct their journalism.

Your lectures and classes will mainly take place in and around the Department of Journalism, based in a building fully equipped with classrooms, lecture theatres and computer rooms all kitted out with the latest technology.Several lecture theatres have facilities for TV, video and computer presentations, and national and international video-conferencing is also possible from TVI theatres.

The Department has an extensive range of digital facilities, including:

  • TV studio and adjacent gallery
  • five radio studios
  • two broadcast production areas
  • two video edit suites
  • three print newsrooms
  • online production suite
  • live news feeds from the Press Association and Independent Radio News

The facilities are managed and maintained by the Technical Services team who also hire out portable equipment to journalism students, such as :

  • digital video cameras
  • digital stills cameras
  • mini-disc recorders

PC’s in the University are fully networked and have access to the internet, banks of software, and personalised areas for students to keep their own files.

The library is well stocked with journalism books, journals, reference texts and online resources.