Favourite Feature Openers

 This is a collection of some of my favourite feature openers from the magazines I read.

From: The October 2010 issue of Company Magazine. 

I like the design of this interview opener because it has a feeling of mixed media about it. Because the image of Jamie Winstone is in black and white but the background has a pale splash of pink in places gives the impression of chaotic creativity and spontaneity. Something that personally appeals to me a lot.

 From: The October 2010 issue of Company Magazine.


I really like the old fashioned feel to the design of this feature opener, it takes its influence from the black and white humorous greetings cards and gets across the subject of the feature in a funny and stylish way.

 From: The special edition SFX magazine, Worlds of Whedon (2010).


With this feature opener the designer has tried to give the impression of a scrap book which has been stained with coffee rings and had pictures cellotaped into it. Again I like this design because off the slap-dash approach it tries to create. Among other things it succeeds in adding more character to the piece character of the feature.

From: Issue 38 (2010) of Books Quarterly Magazine.


One of the things I like most about Books Quarterly magazine is that for a lot of their features the left page is devoted simply to an image and the text starts on the right page. This gives the image more impact and makes it look more like a piece of art. I think with this feature the black and white photo used is simplistic but effective.

 From: The Novemeber 2010 issue of Grazia Magazine.


I picked this feature opener mainly because I thought the image used was very hard-hitting and effective in making the reader stop and think. The article highlights an important issue and just seeing this large photo of someone living underground to such an extent is incredible and the designer was right to let it dominate the page.

From: The October 2010 issue of Company Magazine.


As soon as I saw this page in Company I loved it. Yes I do love pink, but there is more to the design of this feature opener than just that. The porcelain look of the model is beautiful and the cluttered effect of the text and other objects in the image does not detract from her expression.

 From: The October 2010 issue of Company Magazine.

A similar feature opener as the one above, I like this because of its effective use of darkness. The clothing of the women in the image and shading in certain places gives a feeling of ‘grimy glamour’. Plus my love of 1950’s fashion and hair doesn’t hurt either!



From: The November 2010 issue of Elle magazine.

 Simple yet effective: I really like this feature opener and think it is a perfect example of how the simplicity of text can be used to good effect.


From: The pilot issue (2010) of Gaz7etta Magazine.

When I reviewed the pilot issue of the new men’s weekly magazine, Gaz7etta, this was the feature I like the most. Turning the page you are greeting with this large black and white image which the standfirst to the left complements by setting the scene,urging the reader to turn the page and read on.

For more about Gaz7etta go to: http://ukjournalism.co.uk/magazines/2010/10/26/gaz7etta/