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Fancy an alternative to the pub quiz? - Public House | Public House
Fancy an alternative to the pub quiz?

Pubs are well known for their traditional entertainment but with the much-loved pub quiz falling prey to smart phone technology – what other events can YOU host in order to keep your customers happy whilst attracting more business? Emma Rigby takes a look…


Reelin’ In The Years Weekends
For pubs that: want to take a step back in time.

Pubs and bars across Cork, Ireland, have teamed up to create their very own ‘Decades Festival’ and you can too with the help of fancy dress and a well-selected playlist. Whether it be the Roaring 20s or the Groovy 80s, take your customers back in time and transform your pub into a different decade each weekend. Getting your staff to dress in the attire of the era, playing music from that decade and decorating your pub in the same way is a sure way of boosting business.

Roulette table

Photo by Håkan Dahlström

Casino Nights
For pubs that: want cocktail dresses, tuxedos and the thrill of hitting the (fun money) jackpot.

With companies such as All In Fun Casino, you can turn your pub into a mini Vegas casino with Black Jack, Texas Hold’em and all the Vegas favourites. Equipment is available to hire from £150 but fear not as the cost will soon be off-set. Why not incorporate a little fancy dress into your casino nights with James Bond and Wild West themes.

Photo by Bruno Girin

‘Over To You’ Nights
For pubs that: want their customers to get involved.

Bartending classes are a perfect way to boost custom mid-week and can help you to engage with your customers. Got a lot of students drinking in your pub? Why not show them how to make certain cocktails or how to pour a perfect pint. As well as encouraging greater interactivity between your staff and customers, bartending classes can also lead to more cash in your tills as your class will often stay for a few more drinks, served by you of course.

Photo by Kake Pugh

The Alternative Quiz
For pubs that: want to give their pub quizzes a twist.

Instead of following the traditional Q&A format for your quizzes, why not take a more crazy approach? Challenge your customers to guess the object, pick out a certain smell or discover the tastes of mysterious foods whilst incorporating physical contests such as dance-offs and lip-syncing. Let your imagination run wild because with an alternative pub quiz, anything goes!

Guiness World Record Logo

Break A World Record
For pubs that: want to put their rivals to shame.

The Wensleydale Heifer in Yorkshire managed to claim a place in the Guinness Book Of World Records last year after it created the largest portion of fish and chips. If you had the chance to do the same, what record would you try to break? Publicising your record attempt with the help of local radio stations is a great way of making some extra cash and is guaranteed to bring in customers from near and far.

If you are going to throw an event at your pub, make sure you follow these TOP TIPS:

  • There’s no point holding events that your customers won’t
    want to attend – research your market thoroughly.
  • Make sure your staff are as enthusiastic as you are. After all,
    no one wants to be served by a miserable pirate.
  • Advertise your events as much as you can. Put posters up
    around the pub and ask local shops if they can do the same.
  • Communication is key when it comes to throwing a great event.

Let us know how you get on…

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Roulette Table Image by Håkan Dahlström
Bar Image by Bruno Girin
Pub Quiz Image by Kake Pugh

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